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sling/wrap advice? I crave your knowlege!

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I am in the market for a new sling, & would greatly appreciate some advice... I am wondering what the differences are between a wrap & a sling, as well as any other little tidbits of knowlege on the subject.
As of yet I own a New Native & an Ergo, but am on the prowl for something beautiful & very functional- comfort for baby & me is top priority!
I have a one year old (big boy!), plus one on the way, so versitality is good!
thank you!!!
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For versatility and beauty in a single package, I say you can't beat a wrap. It's a bit of an art to learn how to use one, but once you get the hand of it, you can use it for any kid from newborn to 5 years old, and you can carry them on your front, hip, or back, using either one or two shoulders. I'm a big big wrap fan.

My favourite resource for all questions related to babywearing is, FWIW.
I agree with the pp...wraps are incredibly versatile. The learning curve is steep, but it's quite the feeling of accomplishment! Oh, and comfortable! Wraps really do distribute weight so evenly...better than an ergo b/c it utilizes more of your body (for most carries).

In general a sling is going to be quicker and easier to use/learn to use, but not as versatile. Do check out the link listed by pp; it's pretty much the ultimate source for babywearing.
mamascarlett, I just posted to your thread in FYT, and I wanted to let you know we have a Seattle-area babywearing group, here's the link to the yahoo group if you want to join:

Also, I have a very very large stash of baby carriers and you are welcome to try out any of mine. Just email me (I think my pm box is full).
Oh, and ITA with the pps, wraps are awesome!
I LOVE wraps - super comfy and versatile!

The learning curve need not be steep: if you get yourself a good instructional DVD or find someone in your area who can teach you, you will learn how to wrap in no time!
Also, with a 1yo, wrapping is MUCH easier than with a little baby

ETA - I had not seen Jasmine's post with the BW group in Seattle! You should DEFINETELY get together with them! They know A LOT and have fantastic stashes!!
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I think mei tais are really attractive and comfortable.

I just bought some fabric to make a wrap so I'll have to get back to you on that.
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I'll throw out a vote for a mei tai, like a Kozy. I think the learning curve is a little less steep than for a wrap, you get to choose from all sorts of cool fabrics and can do a custom, and it's easy to use front or back, with a big kid or a little kid. I love the directions on her site for getting your new little baby up on your back - I tell you, it changed my life when I learned how to do that with my dd at a couple of weeks old so I could chase after my older ds!
I second the vote for a mei tei. I have a kozy and found it comfortable to wear my 25 lb two year old son on my back while I was pregant with my dd. Now that my baby is 9 months old, I wear her in the mei tei all the time. I have a wrap too, but I don't often use it because the mei tei is easier to put on. When it is windy and raining, and I'm standing in a puddle in a dirty parking lot, I don't want to be fiddling with 4 meters of fabric! Wraps are beautiful though.
A third for the mei tei. I have a sling that I used for the first 6 months, but it started killing my neck around 16lbs, so I got a wrap, which, like other mamas have said, is a trick to get on, but once its on I usually just left it on all the time. I picked up a WAHM made mei tei at a festival a couple months ago and I LOVE it. Its so easy to get on off and I love that I can comfortably wear DD on my back. And get her there by myself!!!
Was it a Freehand Meitai?? I know that Kaire from Freehand had them for 3 weeks at the Renaiscence Festival in Florida
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