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slinging an (almost!) toddler

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Now that ds is 20 lbs. I am looking at new slings to replace the New Native Carrier that is starting to hurt my back. Any advice for a sling I can use mostly for the hip carry? I like the simplicity of the NNC and that it was so easy to take off or put on. It would be nice if dh could use it too, but it is not absolutly necessary. I looked at and was thinking about the EllaRoo closed sling or the Maya wrap pouch. I also like solid colors, plain designs. Thank!
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ditto the above advice. I also prefer simple ring sling with no padding. It's very very easy to make one yourself, if you have a sewing machine. Don't even need much sewing skill. I prefer the pleated shoulder, because it's easier to pull down over my shoulder and distributes the weight across my back better.

I make them with a combination of the instructions found at these two websites:
My faveorite slings for hip carries are any good ring sling. I prefer one with a wide shoulder to distribute the weight well. I still sling my 16 month old and mainly use a ring sling (either My sling or Zolo). I through others in the mix but those are the 2 I use the most.
I prefer a ring sling for the hip carry as well. My DS is two and 34 lbs, however, and I find that we need padded leg rails, or he says, "owie, mama" and the sling leaves deep red marks on his legs.

Not sure how old your baby is, but if he's relatively young and 20 lbs, I would look into getting one with a padded leg rail (I also like padded shoulder, but that's just me). If he's two and 20 lbs, you might be able to get away without leg padding.

I like my Over the Shoulder Baby Holder a lot for the hip carry.
I ditto the ring sling, but a wrap would work good too.
I would look into a ring sling with a wide shoulder. That will distribute the weight more. Or even a wrap...
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