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Slinging twins?

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Is this possible? I actually happen to have a couple of slings, so I was wondering how I would manage to do this. I have a very active 16 month old who will be about 20 months when the twins arrive and I'm sure I'll need my hands as free as possible!
Are there any sites I could visit to check out directions on how to sling two babies at once?


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Last time I was there they had video clips and one was about slinging twins.

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The New Native carriers work really well for double-slinging. I would just put one baby in (in the cradle hold), then put the other sling over my other shoulder, shift the first baby around sort-of onto my side, and put the second baby in the second sling. It kind of looked like I was wearing saddle-bags.

I loved double-slinging and did it probably 4-5 hours a day, the first few months, mostly while walking/doing errands (I found it hard to do stuff around the house with them both on me). Definitely gets a lot of attention in public!

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I used to put one in a sling on the front and the other in a back pack when they were about to sit up. That worked until they got too heavy. There are actual twin carriers but I never saw anyone use one in person. I never could get the hang of two slings at once, though. It felt awkward and off balance, but maybe that's because I'm too short. I don't know. I would recomend slings with no rings for double slinging, I think.
I put both my boys in one Maya Wrap for the first month or two. They loved being snuggled up with each other. I just recently got a second one so I can sling both of them again and it works great. It's much easier than trying to sling one and carry the other.
we did it with two maya wrap pouches for about the first four months.

our babies were born big, however (over 8 pounds each) and it quickly became difficult to do double sling past four months.
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