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Slings For Plus Size Mommas?

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I loved my Maya wraps but there is a learning curve if you are a first time baby wearer. I got help from the moms at my la leche league group. The leader even offered me one to try before I ordered so that I could get comfortable. I did find them hard on my shoulder if they were not adjusted just right.

This time I am looking at a mei tia, I really like the look of the BabyHawk but it is expensive at $95. I am thinking I may try to make my own version of the Frankencozy. Here are some directions if you think you might want to sew.

MayaWrap now offers a version of the mei tia but it is expensive too.

I am thinking of going in that direction just because they look like they will be easier on my back and shoulders.

Since this is your first babe try to find a LLL, baby wearing or attachment parenting group in your area. I find babywearing moms love to help! I have even stopped moms in the street when I see them with a carrier I've never used before.
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I am a babywearing short and fluffy mama myself. Recommending a specific carrier for someone is so hard. There are so many good ones out there.
I will give you some tips that worked for me.
I had the most success with a Mei Tai as long as the straps were long enough. I also preferred less padding in my straps b/c well-- I guess I have enough padding of my own and the padded straps just added a lot of bulk I didn't like.
I wore a ring sling well too, as long as the shoulder could fan out wide enough to really cap my shoulder. I could not wear a RS by maya b/c their shoulder construction would not fan out for me enough.
I used a wrap without any problem for front carries. It is when I moved to back carries that I had a lot of trouble. I really could not reach around the back to properly spread the fabric well. I especially could not reach to do a high back carry. I think that reach could have as much to do with your body type as your body size.

Another thing I have heard other bigger mama's talk about is fabric weight etc.. for making them hot. Polar fleece like the Kangaroo corner just made me hot and sweat too much. I realize you can be skinny and sweat too much also!!

I would really try and find some other baby wearing Moms near you and try some on and of course there is always help at and . One of the on-line sellers that has a huge selection and great customer service is

That said my favorite carriers are
RS-- I had one made by Kimz Kreations on EBAY,( I think?!)
Wrap- Strochenwiege

Hope that helps a little and good luck!

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A nice pouch would be comfy for you all.

I've had issues with some that have straps being long enough so make sure that you get something with sizes like a Sutemi, which comes in medium and large.
I am a size 16-18 and I found that my Maya Wrap size Large worked great for us, in fact I found it to be a little too big at times...

For the newborn time I would use the shoulder hold with the Maya Wrap...but I also used my baby bjorn a lot when they were newborn...I felt more control...
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