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I don't even know if I can post this here, but it can't hurt to try.
I asked where to post it a few days ago, but have not heard back yet. I'm sure mods are busy. Mods, if you pull this, could you tell me where I can post it. Thank you so much!

As a former teen parent myself, I attended the Teen Parent Resource Center in Puyallup, WA. There, they have a donation room where we were allowed to choose two items per week. What I want to do, is give each teen mother or soon to be teen mother a sling, if they want one.

So, do you have a good condition sling or wrap that you don't know what to do with? Want to send it to me? I have some mamas on my xanga blogring helping out and I have 3 I'm going to donate.

I'll print out directions and include them with each sling, along with my phone # if they have any questions, and also the benefits of carrying babies. Also, the local LLL information since they are pros at slings and could even help them on their breastfeeding journey if they choose to breastfeed.

I think back now, at how much a sling would have helped me as a new, young parent. Even if I would have known about slings, I doubt I would have been able to afford one. We were so low-income at that time it wasn't even funny.

I want to try and donate them by the end of September. If you send a SASE I will refund you for shipping within the next two months and of course a thank you card with a picture of all the slings at the t.p.r. center.


My email is [email protected]
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