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Hey Ladies!
i had my dd about 8 weeks ago. My labor was quick, 4 hours total. i had her naturally and got a second degree tear. i hemorraged, and developed a large hemotoma on my perineum area. i also became very anemic from the blood loss.
After the birth i couldn't believe how bad i felt. i was unable to get out of the bed without help, i couldn't lift myself into a sitting postion (couldn't sit because of the bottom swelling) Could barely lift the baby. i just couldn't believe how week i felt.
So, my recovery has been very slow. Over the next few weeks i did start feeling better. At my five week checkup, i found out that i had torn my abdominal muscles, and have a hernia where my belly button is. Where the hematoma had been, the tissue is still very hard. i assumed it was left over swelling, but my Doctor said it is Bartholin's cyst caused by the hemotoma.

My Dr. recommended surgery for both. To have the hernia repaired, and to have the cyst removed. However, i do not have insurance.

So i'm not entirely sure what i'm asking. Are there things i can do to 'naturally' repair the hernia. Can i do exersices to strengthen the muscles or will that just make it worse? Can a person live with a hernia, or is surgery necessary? Does anyone know anything about a Bartholin's gland cyst? Is it possible for it to go away on it's own? Can it get worse or cause other problems? Right now it is a large swollen mass that starts on one side of my vaginal and extends all the way to my anus.

i'm looking for any suggestions or anyone with experience with either of these things. i just want to know what to expect i guess and if there is anything i can do to help my body heal, as surgery is not an option right now.
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