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please make offers on prices or for trade as this is my last baby and these won't do me any good around here. lol.

i also have about 5 miscellaneous flannel small and medium diapers . buy any 2 diapers or covers and i'll send you a diaper for free till i run out. lol.

Weepants front snap bumblebee diaper $6ppd
M&M diaper. velcro close. $5ppd
Lizard/gecko double row front snap tester cover $4ppd

size small Stacinator side snap fleece cover $8ppd

Nanipoos small side snap diaper $5ppd

Cute little dipe $4ppd

fleece yellow cover. double row aplix $5ppd

2 flannel dipes $6ppd for both

wool cover. velcro close $5ppd

ducktails brown fleece pull on cover $5ppd

fleece Christmas aio with rudolph on the butt $5ppd
fitted front aplix close blue diaper with snowmen $5ppd
gabriel baby angels with ornaments cover . velcro close $4ppd
take the Christmas lot for $12 shipped for all three pieces

thanks. make me offers?
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