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Hey everyone!

I have this small list of home improvement projects, and i need help with one of them.

I bought a roller shade to block out light in our bedroom. I measured the area and had the shade cut specificly. I tried to put it up today, and it's literally about 1/4 of an inch or less too short! Does anyone know how to extend it a bit--any creative ideas? It's so frustrating.

My mother home improvements for today are:

change light bulbs in the dining room
tightened screws for banister
replace face plates for electrical in newly-painted rooms
small patch (spackle) and paint jobs around the house (three today)
glue down wallpaper in bathroom (it's curling)

that roller shade! argh!

any help?

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I'd add some sort of trim, it should even look pretty like that if you can find something that coordinates nicely
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