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Lots of goodies! Tyler is just growing so fast- he is ready for a new sew of diapers already!

First up is a Wool-in-one Cuddlebuns set- Ivory wool jersey with an Amish fisherboy appliqued on the back. VERY cute- and in like new condition. It was so adorable, I judt didn't use it too much! Fit my infant and my 2.5 yo great! Also included is an oatmeal sherpa snap in contour diaper, and a lay in soaker. I paid over $65 for this set, I would like to sell it for $45/shipped

Next is a Polar Baby wrap in size C- 18-22lbs, I would say that these run a little on the small size- Ty fit in it at about 13 lbs. It is a pastel print- somewhat pilly, but only used once or twice. $12 shipped

Two Small Bumkins prints- one is Blue Zoo, other is Blue Bugs. Both in good condition- no stains, the velcro on the front is kinda fuzzy. $18shipped for the pair.

Sugar Peas size small Blue Wool cover, trimmed in lime, comes with two snap peas, with lime trim & lime micro. Used maybe two times each- $40/shipped for the set!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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