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We've been licensed to adopt through our state for a year, and during this time we've had no leads, mostly due to a nice but inexperienced, overwhelmed worker. Well, we finally got a wonderful worker, and have actually been able to look at profiles of available children! We even had our homestudies sent to a few of the caseworkers. We are interested in a 4yo girl and today I got a bit more info about her, I'm so excited!

We are going to an "adoption mixer" on Saturday, where caseworkers from all over the state will tell us about the children available for adoption, and we can let them know if we are interested in a particular child. I'm so excited! It'll be a day trip for us, we're rural and will have to drive almost four hours to get to the event, but we are so excited!

Just wanted to share


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I wanted to wish you luck on your wait--almost everyone I know who has gone through the state faces a moment in time where they just don't think it is going to happen--and then WAHM there are four--five or six matches and NOW you have to decide! Can't seem to go though this the easy way and just have everything fall into place!

But, I also want to let you know in case you have not been told that after looking for 6 months to a year in your state for a placement--YOU have the Right to look in other states!

The ASFA (adoption and safe families act) requires that states work together under the ICPC (an interstate agreement) There are several ways to find waiting children in the US and families with a State approved adoption homestudy CAN look at the children in Any state! Some states seem to have more Waiting Families then children and Other states are placing the children they have in other states more often.... I guess this is a case of supply and demand... (yuck) but, if you are not having any luck in your state you might start searching around in other states.
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