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Small vent

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If my MIL tells me one more time to "take good care of that grandson of mine!" I am going to start hoping for a girl just to spite her. And no, you can't tell the gender by the slope of the forehead in the 13-week u/s pictures. And yes, of course all of your friends think you're right. They'd say the same thing if you wanted a girl, or a cocker spaniel.

This is my first baby, and I honestly don't have a preference one way or the other re: sex. Neither does DH, for that matter. I understand that she does, and it doesn't really bother me, but geez lay off already! I can't MAKE the baby a boy if it ain't one already, you know? Stop constantly bringing it up! It's getting to the point where the worst thing about having a boy, will be her crowing about being right!
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Originally Posted by WeasleyMum View Post
They'd say the same thing if you wanted a girl, or a cocker spaniel.

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ohhhhh that would annoy me to no end! At least your mil isn't telling you about the celestial conversations she is having with your unborn

We got to the point last time where my mil couldn't say anything right and I honestly look back at that time and STILL think it was all her! LOL! She's way more mellow with this second grandbaby!
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Mara, good to "see" you! I noticed this post on the main forum and recognized your username. I'm not sure if you remember me from the loss threads last year. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Vent away! I would feel just the way you do about the whole MIL and baby's sex thing. Being PAL, all that matters is that healthy baby, but bystanders often don't recognize that. It isn't fair of her to but that pressure on you.
I hope she lays off soon!
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That's just really inappropriate and creepy. We found out the sex and when we announced my MIL said she had "known" it was a girl, but then again so did I.

Watch, your baby will be a girl and your MIL will think you had a girl to spite her!
Uggg my MIL did that to me too. She constantly went on and on about her grand daughter and how it better be a girl and she doesn't want any more boys and said I need to know what it is like to have daughters. (I have two, they are just living with their fathers, I DO see them and everyone knows I have two girls). Anyway, long story short, she kept going on and on that I just really prayed I was having a boy just to spite her. Well, he is ALL BOY. haha. I was thrilled because honestly I did want a boy, but eeven still, it pissed her off.
That must be so annoying! I have no advice, just comisseration.

My mom is driving me up a wall. Every single time I talk to her she asks about "the twins". She has done it with every one of my pregnancies. I want to grab her and scream "IT'S NOT TWINS!" It's getting very, very old. And the comments about my weight {which are especially sensitive because I've *lost* a lot of weight with this pregnancy and she very well knows that!}, how I'm so big it MUST be twins. And how twins can hide. Dude, there is only one baby. One. Be happy for me instead of just guilt tripping me for not giving you what you want!
My entire family wanted this baby to be a girl. Sure enough, ultrasound said girl...but sometimes I really wonder if she will come out a he! I'm honestly more worried about my parents, grandparents, and extended family's reaction than my own!!!
Argh, that would drive me crazy! And Phrogger, that's hilarous - I'm happy for you that you're having a boy, and that you got that extra bit of joy by annoying your MIL at the same time. Sometimes MIL's have a special way of getting under our skin, don't they?? My MIL has been uncharacteristicly nice to me ever since I became pregnant, and will be coming to stay with us for a few weeks around the due date, and then staying in the area for a further 6 months - I really hope she keeps up the being nice to me thing, but I wouldn't place bets on it... Here's hoping that all our MILs decide to be extra nice to us once our LO's come!
That is so annoying!! My little munchkin was called a girl or a she for the first 20 weeks of this pregnancy. Mind you we had no preference. It really irked me that people kept calling him a girl as if I had some control and it also ticked me off becuase I thought what if he's a boy!! Then what???
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