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Negative - Not Pregnant:
Only one color band appears in the control region. No visible band on the test region is
present since hCG concentration is not present in urine or too low for detection. If you
obtain a very faint test line it may be too early to confirm pregnancy. The pattern of
increasing intensity of the test line over a period of few consecutive days is a much better
predictor of pregnancy rather than any individual reading.

Positive - Pregnant:
Distinct color bands appear on the control and test regions within 6-15 days of conception.
The presence of both test and control lines indicate possible pregnancy. Color intensity of
the test band may vary according to the concentration of hCG in urine. The higher the hCG
concentration - the darker the intensity of the test line. Please confirm the results over
a period of few days. The pattern of increasing intensity of the test line is a much better
predictor of pregnancy rather than any individual reading. When you obtain consistent
positive results please confirm the hCG concentration by a blood test or ELISA screening in
the laboratory.

Invalid - Uncertain Results: No visible bands in the control and test regions. Make sure to
follow the above specified instructions for optimum results.

For early pregnancy tests the intensity of the test line is directly proportional to the
concentration of hCG in the range of 10-50mIU. Test results may vary between individuals
depending on the concentration of hCG your body produces, as well as monitoring frequency,
and testing techniques. The best method is to test once a day, preferably with the first
morning urine, and monitor the test results systematically. It is recommended to use fresh
sample with minimum amount of fluid required to pass over the reactive membrane region since
tests detect minute concentrations of hCG hormone. Read results at 5 minutes and discard the
test afterwards.


1. For single in vitro diagnostic use only - use test only once for urine screening.
2. Do not use test kit beyond expiry date.
3. These are preliminary qualitative results which need to be confirmed by a blood test or
ELISA techniques.
3. Keep away from moisture, direct sunlight, and children.

Note: This type of rapid test is used for preliminary qualitative screening of early pregnancy.
It is usually used professionally to trigger other analytical procedures (blood test, ELISA,
etc.) for quantitative determination of pregnancy conditions. If you suspect that you are
pregnant, or have any concerns on pregnancy, it is recommended that you consult with your

Negative (not pregnant) one line
Positive (pregnant!) two lines
if no lines appear, test is invalid.


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Thanks I did find that on the web site

I see: 1 purple line on the middle part and 1 purple line on the dipping part right next to the middle part.

The bottom line does not show on the top only if you look at the test sideways between the layers.

Am I making any sense??
: I feel so dumb

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Are these the same as AIM test strips? If so, the control line should be closer to the "handle" of the test and if it's positive, that line would be still in the center but closer to the dip area. Basically, if there are two visible lines in the control area it's positive. If it looks weird it may be invalid and you shouold test again.
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