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My orignial post- you thought it sounded good to you too. Now they are worse. I went in to have them filled but the meds did not take- she became combative. SHe is 3 and 28 pounds. Dentist now wants to do 3 meds ( visteril, and 2 others...) and a heart monitor and I am terrified so I have put it off again. Can anyone reassure me?

orginal post

Update on my 2 year old with cavities
Well, I posted a while back that it looked like my 23 month old had a little cavity in the back of her back tooth. The first dentist said he would only do mercury fillings.
SO I moved on.
By the time I found a nice lady Ped dentist, conservative, the little cavity in 1 tooth was now 4 - 1 in all four molars.

I was devasted! The dentist was so great, reassured me that nursing, her diet (vegetarian, no juice, low sugar,no milk) had nothing to do with it, it was just her tooth anatomy. She also hated to put a little one under for 4 fillings. She said she could knock her out, and do the white fillings, but did not want to if it was up to her.

So, last option, she packed each molar with flouride, and wants to see us back in 3 months. She hoped the flouride would slow any further rapid decay, and buy me some time. I am not a big flouride flag waver, but liked this over anesthesia!

It was just so nice to meet a young lady dentist ( from the same Univ as me!) that was pro-bf, felt fine that we did not use flouride, and was not all ready to drill into my baby's head.
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