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Snack Sack Pattern?

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I have made a few "snack sacks" for my dd using what I call my pillowcase pattern, but now that I'm adding ripstop nylon as the stain-resistant, water-resistant liner, it's not really working out for me. Not sure what to do with the edges or which stitch to use.

Any ideas?
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Is a tutorial for a fully lined bag. Making a lining is one way to encase all seams and prevent fraying.

With a nylon, I'd also experiment with some scraps and see if you can run fire lightly over the fraying edges and melt them into place. (Try this first over a sink!)

Finally, zigzagging the edges by machine or doing a blanket stitch by hand are the classic edge finishers.

Oh, and if you're having any leaking problems, use all polyester thread. I thought "wicking" was a slow process, but it's more like cotton/cotton coated thread is a pipe from one layer and moisture will go straight through.
Thank you so much. I'll try it!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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