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Snack sacks - do they work well?

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I am tired of using plastic bags all the time. With 3 kids in school now I am looking at hundreds of bags per school year and I really don't like that. I am wondering if these will hold a good amount, say of chips or popcorn or veggies?
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I have a bunch of them and I think they work OK. When I made sandwiches, I still had to wrap them in wax paper before putting into the snack taxi, otherwise, they get all goopy.

I do have to say that while they work and I love the idea, my kids don't especially care for them. It sort of grosses them out to eat carrots or grapes out of fabric bags. They'll do pretzels or crackers or some such but, they don't really like it because they get smooshed and they end up with pretzel dust.

So, we rarely use ours. I bought some plastic containers and we just reuse those for things like yogurt and granola, grapes and carrots etc... and I bought some Thermos Funtainers for things like soup, chili, pasta etc.... I'm not thrilled with the plastic but, I haven't found an alternative that works for us.

But, if your kids eat sandwiches (mine don't especially care for them) and they don't mind the fabric - it does get damp if there are foods that contain water ie....grapes, cucumbers, carrots etc.... - and it doesn't really protect the food at all so it can get smooshed - if those things won't bother your kids then go for it. They're a great alternative for those who can use them.
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I do have a lot of those lock n' lock containers. Maybe the snack taxis would work well for dry snacks. That is usually when I use plastic bags, when I do things like chips or crackers. Usually I would put veggies or fruit in a small lock n' lock container.
What about these? Do you think the small size would work well for dry snacks?
I sew our own and we use them for everything. They are REALLY easy to make, even if you have to hand-stitch them. We have about a dozen in different sizes, then I also made a bunch of different sized wraps. They're so fun and festive and yes, they work very well!
I debated these, but I just use the lunch bots instead.
I looked at these before, but at $6-7 it seemed like i wouldn't get my money's worth compared to plastic bags. Yes - it is better for the environment, though. At my house, they would not get used 1000 times (like the website above claims)... they would get lost or tossed for being nasty before then!

If I could make my own, I would definitely try them for some things. Sounds like grapes and cukes aren't great candidates!
I just bought some Reusies Snack bags and I love them! If you order 4 or more you get free shipping.

I have the wrap-n-mat for sandwiches and the reusies for snack bags. I've used the wrap-n-mat for a year and it's held up great. The reusies are easily washable, they've got sturdy velcro that can either be big or small, and will fit the snack stuff really well.
I too love the snack bag concept but find some of them to be kind of gross. You should definitely try Itzy Ritzy's snack happened bag - They are so easy to clean and my kids love them. They are easy to hold for my little one and my school aged daughter is the hit at school with these. They are the best ones that I have seen.
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i purchased some on etsy and find them very useful. ours have velcro across the top which is too difficult for my little one to open herself. i am making some new ones that will have fold down and secure to a small velcro square.
We bought some on etsy last year. As long as you make sure you wash them regularly, they will last quite a long time.
I'd recommend these
They have a fold down top so no problems with velcro and out of nylon so they don't have that cloth feeling some other posters have complained about here.
we love them for everything from fruits/veggies, nuts, and sandwiches.
it takes some getting used to, but really handy in the end!
I like the look of those itzyritzy (is that what they're called?) ones. Hmmm... I wonder if it's just the same fabric as a diaper cover. I could whip some of those up myself pretty easily!

That said, we usually use small plastic (yuck, but practical), or sometimes metal (which sometimes leak) containers for snacks. We also use the laptop lunch box, which is bento-style with little compartments inside for everything.
We use ours all the time, and have had them for a couple of years. I've bought them on Etsy, where there's a big variety of different patterns/colors/shapes/sizes. I have some that are lined for use with wet/messy items or sandwiches.

I use small stainless steel containers or tupperware for moist things like sliced fruit.

When the bags are all dirty or if something especially messy or if something disposable is needed for a field trip I use disposable wax paper bags vs. plastic baggies most of the time.

When we do use plastic baggies, I buy the zipper kind and we hand wash them, so each bag gets dozens of uses.
We have the Snack Taxi bags (which have a fold-down flap with a square of velcro) and I like them fine. They aren't airtight, so bread will dry out after a few hours, but they're great for dry snacks, and we do use them for things like grapes and apple slices too. I just wash them on the top shelf of my dishwasher and they stay nice and clean. We've had them for about two years and they're holding up great.

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I'd recommend these
They have a fold down top so no problems with velcro and out of nylon so they don't have that cloth feeling some other posters have complained about here.
we love them for everything from fruits/veggies, nuts, and sandwiches.
it takes some getting used to, but really handy in the end!
We have these too. We've used glass containers for the last 5+ years in the kids lunches and I really wanted to lighten them up this year PLUS it has become so much easier to find other safe, environmentally friendliesh, options.

OP, I'd consider getting the slightly larger size, esp if you are ever going to pack a sandwich. The original link'd size is only 4.5x6 instead of 6x6.5 or 6x7 like the sandwich sized ones.
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