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Has anybody used the Snap Store press with <i>metal</i> snaps? <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br>
What did you think about it?<br><br>
I have used the SnapSource snap setter, and it's okay, but I find it cumbersome (it doesn't come apart easily) and the snaps can slide out of the notch in the setter if you aren't very careful. I tried a Dritz snap tool that is similar in that there is a plastic holder for the snaps that you put together and hammer, and I liked that MUCH better because it holds the snaps securely. But I've only been able to find one size, which is too big (like a #20) for my needs, and the snaps are expensive too.<br><br>
The only alternative I've been able to find is the Snap Store press. TIA for any comments on it, or suggestions for other metal snap fasteners.
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