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Snappi or Dritz

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Okay for those of you who use Snappi and Dritz which do you prefer and why. I am thinking about trying them since I want my baby to be able to go coverless and still be in a diaper. I use PFS.
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For going coverless, I preferred pins. Snappis can easily get snagged on carpets/couches/blankets, so they really shouldn't be used without a cover once baby is mobile. I didn't like using one without a cover before DD could turn over or crawl simply because I'd get stuck onto the Snappi
. Nothin' like trying to reposition a little one on yourself only to realize your sweater is coming too!
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Definitely dritz pins! The learning time is shorter with a snappy, but once you get the hang of pins you'll never go back. Pins are much comfier for baby. My ds1 started saying no no no! when I would start putting the snappy on him, which prompted me to finally get pinning down. Some people have said snappies irritate little penises, though I think for my ds what was uncomfortable was that it was pulling very tight across his tummy.

They're both pretty cheap though, so you could always try both. But definitely get the pins!
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I love my dritz. Actually I need some more...

Baby boy has been crying when I put on the snappi, so away it goes...
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i only used a snappi when DS was a newborn. pins are my fastener of choice behind snaps...
I use a snappi
Thanks for this thread! I've been a snappi-user too, but these posts have made me think about ds's comfort level. I bought some Dritz pins a month ago; just don't know how to use them yet. I think this was in a recent thread as well, but can someone recommend a site with a pinning demonstration, video or otherwise? My first attempt was a failure.
Thanks everyone. I love your opinions.I never thought of a Snappi snagging. I have noticed that Dritz has changed from a metal sliding shield to a plastic. Do these hold up as well as the metal ones?
Mine are all metal. I think I heard (or read rather
) that the plastic ones aren't as sturdy. I wish I could send you to Granitesmith on ebay, the ones she sold had the metal head.
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I don't like either after baby is mobile - far prefer cheap fitteds with snaps, flats laid in a wrap, or pockets. But before then, I prefer snappis by far. My boys are way too wiggly and I'm way too much of a klutz for pins to be safe.

I have a pair of barely used blue metal-headed dritz pins if anyone wants them...
I use a snappi on my 5 mo. old daughter and I use dritz pins on my toddler boy. When she starts moving, I will probably use pins on her. I wouldn't let them go coverless with a snappi.
For going coverless I definitely prefer dritz pins. Mine are all metal, no plastic. I do love how quickly I can snappi a prefold on and i do that more often than pin just because my toddler is so active right now. But yeah snappi's are too dangerous unless you keep a cover on.
i love pins, though i rarely use prefolds... i wish dritz hadn't stopped making the metal heads!!! i realllllly don't like the plastic ones.
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i like both, just depends. in the summer without a cover--pins. in the winter with cover--snappis are easier.
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