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*snaps* to Uma

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in 2 popular entertainment magazines I was reading( bored at work) and on Letterman, Uma talked about her scenes in her new flick Kill Bill, where she would stop filming to breastfeed the baby.

Glad to hear it. But will probalby skip the movie
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I read that too! I was glad to hear she kept breastfeeding even though she had to get into shape for the action scenes in a short time!

Urklepapa downloaded Kill Bill and asked me to watch it with him the night before last. Uma Thurman's character wakes up from a coma to find herself *no longer pregnant.* I made him turn it off. I can't believe she could film that scene while actually parenting a little one. The agony on her face... oh I'm getting upset just thinking about it.
Urklemama, I have to agree with you. While I like Uma, having a child has caused me to grow some kind of conscience. I pass judgemet on no one, yet I won't see Kill Bill. Though my dh wants to, that's fine if he goes, but I'm not comfortable with watching it.
I often wonder how these female actors can go on a shooting or slashing spree, and when someone yells, "cut!" can go back into mommy mode.
Thats just my 2 pennies, not worth much! But having a little boy who seems to spot all the pictures or advertisments that have guns in them, and knows they're for 'dying people', I have my hands full!
I really dislike Uma Thruman.

She used to live in the same (small) building as these people I babysit for while in college. I was waiting for the little girl to get off the school bus (I was in the locked building, of course I had a key), and she started questioning me on why I was in her building. Real nasty. I looked normal at the time too, I even had brown hair


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