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Snaps Vs. Velcro

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Wondering what you prefer. ?? and why?

I personally like Velcro.
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Snaps. Hands down. I have been cloth diapering for almost 5 years and I will not ever buy velcro again. The diapers/covers I have (ranging from 2-4 years old) are in great shape but can't be used very well because the velcro is not working anymore. Even when I clean it up, it tends to slide across itself and pop off. Oh, and it comes apart from the fabric, so they are kind of hanging on by threads.
I like snaps. I never have to think about them. They don't wear out. And I think they're cuter.
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Definitely snaps. I have also been cloth diapering for 5 yrs and much prefer snaps over velcro.

velcro/aplix wears out, gets linty, scratches skin, makes diaper chains in the drier, comes un-done easier, allows the toddler to remove own diaper too easily, and is noisy in the middle of the night
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snaps! velcro falls open, and can be undone by older babies. it also seems stiffer.
snaps just stay put.
definitely snap pockets. I tried a Bummis snap cover and a Blue penguin snap cover and didn't like either. Velcro doesn't wear well.

HOWEVER, I feel most comfortable giving velcro to caregivers who've never used cloth.
Snaps, hands down. Lasts longer, looks better and my son can't streak!!
I like both for different reasons.

I love the appeal and contrast of snap, and that they last longer than aplix (I don't like velcro period)

Velcro (aplix) has a superior fit and the size ranges last much longer with better leg casements less blowouts per my experiences.

Removing diapers was a very short phase for all three of my children -- so short that it would not even make the list of reasons to pick one diaper over the other.
After 10 months of use the velcro on the one-size diapers is nearly dead. The snaps are still good enough to sell.
Snaps. I feel like they're just more secure, plus we had irritation issues with the velcro and the washer/dryer snags drive me crazy and wear out the diapers.

But, then again, a friend of mine who actually got me into cding much prefers velcro. It's totally a personal thing.
I like velcro for ease of use. But you do have to develop good laundry etiquette to keep it from ruining other items and to keep its fastening ability in tact.

Snaps just take too much time, I think. Though I am a huge fan of fuzzibunz!
velcro is fast, but I hate how it's ugly and sticks to everything, even if I put the tabs down when I wash them. Around the velcro everything is all pilled and the velcro is full of hair. I hate it. I prefer snaps, hands down.
I like both. Velcro can be annoying with the laundry issues, so I only buy and sell diapers which have good laundry tabs. Also, not drying them on hot helps with the tabs curling. Snaps look better over the long term but there are those times when the baby is between snap settings and you don't get a good fit.
I loved snaps until my DS had trouble when the snaps on the inside were against his skin. Now I am slowly going over to velcro
Me personally, I love snaps, DS just didn't!
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