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Snaps vs. Velcro???

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Which do you think work out the best, snaps or velcro? Thanks
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In the begining I had all Velcro diapers but I swiched to all snaps. I got tired of the diapers getting all stuck together in the dryer. Some of them had a thing that you could fold over so it wouldnt stick to other diapers but they would come undone and I would pull 15 diapers out of the dryer at once because they were all stuck together. My dd knows when she is in a Velcro diaper and will try to pull the diaper off but she has never done that with a snapp diaper yet. When she starts doing that it will be time to potty train.

I think velcro is easier for most people to put on, and definitely easier to put on a wiggly baby. However, as the previous poster said, I think snaps are easier in the wash because they don't stick to anything, don't collect lint, etc. If I was going to be changing the diapers myself, I'd go with snaps. However, for the sake of DS's daycare providers, my stash is velcro pockets. I have BumGenius pockets and if I carefully fold back the tabs, I haven't had anything stick to other stuff in the wash.
I would have to agree about the snaps. They also seem to hold up longer after time than those of mine that have velcro. Even though they take a little more time when you are changing a wiggly baby, they stay on better, from my experience.
I don't like snaps, lol. I really like the ease of Velcro. I don't have any diaper snakes in the wash but I basically use prefolds trifolded in a velcro closing cover. I just wash my covers separately all at once so it is not a problem for us. With my first son, I used Kushies and they stuck together all the time but then I used snug-to-fit and the fold back tabs for those diapers worked really well and never a diaper snake so I think it depends on the quality. My first son never was able to open the velcro on his diapers only on disposables, so that was never an issue for us. Our newest addition is only 4 months old so we are not old enough for that yet.

Yeah it definitely depends on the diaper and on the age of the baby. My daughter(15months) has recently taught herself how to take off her aplix covers(bummis) so I have to go to snaps. But aplix is TERRIFYING for newborns somehow. That sound startles them like no other. But then again your baby could be in the middle of snap settings, making the fit of the diaper weird. I LOVE green acre designs pockets for the fit and the size of the back opening(for stuffing and unstuffing ease) and the workmomship but Sara is in between the snap settings so I've had to put them away for a little while until she either slims down or chubs up. With aplix you don't have that problem. Snaps you have to worry about breaking, but not as fast as aplix wears out. And aplix sticks to everything in the dryer(even with fold-back tabs) when snaps don't. So just like deciding what type of diaper to use, the debate between snaps and aplix is just dependent on what you can and can not live with. It depends on the person's preferences. I LOVE snaps but really really dislike aplix. I hate the sound, the scratchiness, the fact that Sara can pull them off, etc. So it really depends on you.

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I think there are pros and cons to both of them. I find that I can get a more adjustable fit with aplix because with snaps you are a slave to the snap placement. But snap diapers are easier to put on when the baby refuses to lie down for a diaper change. Also, I'm anticipating that this summer when I can put a diaper on without a cover (for around the house) he will probably be dexterous enough to take off the aplix, but not snaps.

I agree with the pp who said that newborns are afraid of the sound of aplix, lol. At least mine was.
I have prefolds that I pin and snap diapers, but unfortunatly my BSWW have velcro. I hate the sound it makes!! If my baby is sleeping she wakes up unless I take it of slooooowly. Plus when she is awake she tries to take it off. I am constantly telling her "no-no".

I am always cleaning out the hooks and loops of lint regardless of the fact that I use the laundry tabs. And Heaven forbid should I forget to us those tabs and actually put it in the wash!!

Now I don't like the fact that my baby can be between snaps, but I still prefer it over velcro. That is just me though. I like what a pp said, "...the debate between snaps and aplix is just dependent on what you can and can not live with."
I prefer snaps because they don't startle newborns and toddlers don't rip them off as easily and they don't get lint in them.
I agree, both ways, lol! Ever since a velcro tab snagged up some foe on one of my only "nice" diapers and made it all pilly/runny AND ruined the one pair of babylegs I had (the one time I accidentally put them in the washer, grr!), I have not used them very much. Also, the sound they make, the stiff/scratchy issues, the way fuzz gets caught in them - all points against hook/loop. BUT, for daycare they are nice and easy, and the hook/loop stuff is way more adjustable.

Wow, I'm no help!
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