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Sniff, sniff!! I have bleeding wool.

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I'm so sad.
I have a beautiful SP wool cover with a plane applique on the front and on the back. It accidentally got dumped into the washer with the rest of the dirty diapers from our weekend away. I snagged it out as quick as I could but not before some of the red from the planes wing bled onto the light blue wool. :cry :cry It hasn't been washed yet, and I'm kind of glad because if I had done that it might have been worse.

I did search and found out that I can 'cook' in a crock-pot to help set the dye, so I'm going to try that tonight.

I use my crockpot alll the time. I can just see my DH coming home and lifting the lid and asking what's for dinner! :LOL
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I remember when she posted about that. I might should try that myself. But I am too afraid.

Let us know how it goes.
I'm really leary too but I don't know how much worse it can get. It just might be worth a shot.
I have that SP airplane cover in WHITE. Everytime I hand wash it the red bleeds onto the white.
Jamie -
! and I thought it was bad on the l. blue! Have you ever gotten it out?
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