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Sniff, sniff...

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My Black Hawaiian Happy Heiny passed away at approx. 1:15pm today. Cause of death is a massive tear on the outer extremity near the right side of the pocket. We would like to observe a moment of silence tomorrow at noon so we can all remember the happy times with the Happy Heiny. The HH will lie in bathroom on a pillar used by many great HH before, until next Wednesday. On Wednesday, June 30th we will say our final goodbyes at the ceremony of trash removal. In lue of flowers please donate to your favorite WAHM. Long live the Black Hawaiian Happy Heiny.

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I am so sorry for your loss.... I know at times like this, there are no words that you can find comfort in. Time heals all wounds.

Again, I'm so sorry

Pm'd you!
Awww. Sorry for your loss....

But I don't know whats making me laugh harder.... Your OP or Your UserName!!!
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That gave me the good chuckle that I needed today.

Sorry your HH passed away
Nikki, I told you this earlier, but.. I am so sorry for your loss, and let me know if I can do anything to make this life transition easier.
Know that your HH is in a better place now. That great diaper heaven in the sky.

And in tribute to those insensitive cads out there who always say the dumbest things:

You can always have more.
The Great Diaper Fairy in the sky has his reasons for everything. You must believe that a greater more fantastic HH can come from this great tradgedy. Although, I know nothing can ever take it's place.

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I'm very saddened for your loss.
It's a comfort to know that HH is in the great big diaper heaven in the sky. Laughing and cavorting with all of the other well-loved, now defunct dipes.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time....

:)LOL Now come on - how funny is it to read a post "sniff sniff" and right below it says oops broken condom! I swear you have the BEST user name on MDC)
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Sorry for your loss mama! I will give my pocket diaper an extra pat when folding it tonight!

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You have my deepest condolences and empathies. I too have experienced such a loss. My dear departed Berry Patch met with an untimely death some months ago when my dryer got a sudden attack of hunger. I hope it helps to know you are not alone during this difficult time.

Gone but not forgotten

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I am so sorry for your loss and at your time of grief please know that we will be setting up an alter with candles lit in memory of your wonderful diaper.
May the great diaper fairy in the sky bless you with many more cherished and loved diapers.
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