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Snoedel (snoodle) Doll pattern?

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anyone one know where i can get a Snoedel Doll pattern?

they look like this:
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Fancy meeting you here!
I "made"one for B when she was a baby. I took a recieving blanket and stuffed a "head" in the center and tied it for the neck. Then I tied a knot in two of the corners... I guess I could have sewn the thing down the sides... but I really didn't know other people did this. I just figured it was a "waldorfy" kind of thing .
She still has it on her shelf. I asked her the other day if she wanted to toss it (she is into art and rarely touches a doll).. and she looked at me like I was nuts.
It would sleep in the bed with us when she was brought into bed... and then she had it with her at other times during the day.
The kitty blanket pictured in this thread is kind of similar.

I you could take 2 square pieces of material, sew them wrong sides together, and turn and topstitch leaving one corner open. Then knot 2 of the other ends and sew in a stuffed head one of the other corners- you could leave the head plain or you could make it like a waldorf head. Then sew on a cap.

I want to make one of these also.

hey hon! C. likes to suck on cloth stuff. she always has her hand, shirt or a burp cloth stuffed in her mouth. well, not stuffed, she's only a month old, but if her mouth comes across one of those things, she sucks away!

so i thought a snoodle would be a good sucky toy for her. i was thinking of making it from an organic prefold.
I like this pattern, its a bit more shaped than the others but still nice and soft.

I made mine from old T shirts
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