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SNS questions

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I recently bought an SNS because the lact-aid we use is a PITA to use away from home due to all the small parts. However, the tubes are soooo long! Though I put the bottle of the bottle at breast level as instructed, the tubes loop way down and babe is sucking against gravity. Is it ok to cut them?

Also, how do SNS users handle switching to the other side? I use 2 bags with the lact-aid so am not sure how to do this. Do I just wait till the bottle is half gone and make him switch? Thanks!!
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I tape the tubes on pretty much just like the instructions that came w/ it. I don't think I'd cut the tubes, just run a longer piece of tape lengthwise.

Do you have the full-sized SNS (2 tubes) or the starter (1 tube). If you have two tubes, just tape one to each breast. If you only have 1 tube, I've heard of moms doing: 1)only one side per feeding; 2) start on the side w/o the SNS, let the babe nurse until they are done, then let them "fill up" on the side w/the SNS; or 3) let them start with the SNS, get satisfied, then finish suckling on the side w/o the SNS.

It's a lot of trial and error. We've been SNS for a year!
Thanks for the tip, Marcy! I'll try taping it up more as you suggested tomorrow. Hopefully that will solve my problems; I'm sick of being a prisoner in my own home as ds won't take a bottle.
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We didn't cut our tubes on the SNS - they just hang down a little lower than her head and it seems okay. She doesn't have to suck very much at all as long as the other side isn't clamped down (you just need to be sure the tube end is higher than his head). Does that make sense?

Also, to switch sides, I just take the tube out, she notices the decrease in milk flow, and comes off. We switch and I put the tube back in. I really want to get the same amount of stimulation on both sides. When i didn't do this, my right side seemed to produce much more than my left.

That said, I don't follow the instructions AT ALL for the SNS...they make it more difficult for me. I just hold the thing in my hand and then have rowan latch on. After she latches on, i slide the tube into the side of her mouth (this takes practice) while she is sucking. When she starts to get milk, I release the other tube (the side she ISN'T feeding on) from the clamp and the milk flows more freely. Doing it this way makes it soo much easier to use the SNS in public. No tape, no hanging around the neck, no fuss! But, like i said, it takes practice.

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JillyD, I never thought about pulling out the tube as a "reminder" to get him to switch sides. Excellant trick!

I might have to try just holding it - practicing here lots at home first, of course. The way you've described sounds much easier. Thanks!
it is much easier - and makes it all so much less noticable which makes me feel more comfortable about using it in a public place.
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