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Snug-tuck with a queen-size bed?

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We currently have our crib side-carred, and sleep with our 7 month old... the crib is not used at all, and I would really love to get rid of it b/c it takes up too much room and the cats just sleep in there. I'd like to get a snug-tuck pillow, but I'm wondering how much room it takes up. Right now dd sleeps about 3-4 inches from the edge of the bed- would the pillow take up way more room than that? Also, would we have enough room as dd gets bigger? We plan to get a king-sized bed, but it won't happen for at least a year... Thanks!
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I'll let you know as soon as we get our's! LOL...I just ordered mine last week. I hadn't even thought about how much room we'll be losing but I don't think it'll matter much in our case.
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