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So about that full moon...

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WOW. Friday night and Saturday I was having CRAZY contractions... crampiness, all kinds of weird things were going on with my body. It's weird because I was expecting all that... At this point, now, I hope I DON'T have a full moon baby. Because that will be April.

Was anyone else particularly miserable this weekend? I actually saw a few of you post on here about it, but was wondering what happened with everyone!
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I had a LOT of activity and some cramps. Sometimes it literally felt like baby was going to fall out because s/he was SO low. But today, everything feels pretty much back to normal.
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I was getting some intense BH's, but I thought it was b/c I was on my feet a lot the last few days and hadn't kept my fluid in take up.

Then last night I was getting a little crampy and had a hard time falling asleep.
There was a lunar eclipse also! Lots of pulling and pushing going on....
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last night while laying down with DD, I had just one serious BH. It felt just like a contraction. I wasn't expecting anything to come of it, my EDD is the 29th. I think it was a combination of the moon, nursing, and some of the yoga I had done a few hours earlier. I have to say that I enjoyed it though. It wasn't like the other BH that I have been experiencing lately. It had a start, a peak, and an ending. It was nice an low going upward just like I remember early labor feeling like. It was good to know that my body is getting ready to get ready...
I've been having major bh ctx and crampiness all weekend. I don't know if it was lunar-related though. I did go dancing. Nothing like swinging the belly around to Prince to get things moving.
i totally felt the full moon within...

i, too, had some fairly intense braxton hicks and the feeling that he might just fall out, he was so incredibly low...

and even went for a few long walks to soak up some lunar rays in hopes something might come out of it...
My BH have stepped up, but still nothing here.
I went into labor Saturday night but it petered out.
At first I was skeptical but after 2 hours I was pretty sure it was the real thing. We called the MW to let her know - but not to come yet, had a friend come be here for the girls and even had the photographer here and then they were gone....

Funny thing is that my MW was with another laboring woman the same night and her labor stopped the same time mine did, hers started up again - she was actually 'due' but it was her longest labor and #3 for her.

Although somewhat annoying we were glad for the early labor - it really helped us get the last few ducks in a row and feel much more ready

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No full moon baby for me either. We went for a long walk on the beach, checked out the tidepools with ds, and watched the sunset and moonrise. No labor other than a handful of BH but it was a nice evening all in all.
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No baby here either. Not even increase in discharge. Really upset, had a good cry, felt better. Probably have to do it again later lol. 4 days past my edd...come on should have been my time!
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wasnt my time either. I even went out for Margherita pizza (that's what I ate while in labor with my dd--at the restaurant having contractions 5 mins apart!) Nothing. And still waiting.....
I definetly had lots of contractions - 5 hours worth on friday, and then 8 hours worth on Saturday. Really thought that it was "it" on sat, as they started getting stronger/closer - then I laid down and they just quit. So meh. Random ones the following day but today, nothing. Sucks. Now my MW tells me that the doc really, really, doesn't want me to be overdue - talking about inducing already!! Sucks. So she stripped my membranes, and told us lots of sex, nipple stim, etc. I bought castor oil too, though I'm not about to take it just yet. Maybe on friday (due date) if I haven't had anything happen by then....
I had one big heavy-duty contraction sitting in a restaurant staring at my Mahi-Mahi that was just delivered. Then nothing else, which I'm rather happy about, as I want my hand to heal before I have my new baby.
Plus now I have a

My dh says a lot of babies are also born at the new moon time (mid March!)
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tons of BH here too... (i had none with my first) but nope. 10.5 days to go!!!!
I had a baby on saturday!

Water broke thursday night, contration started at around 11pm, didn't go into actual labor until saturday.

Hospital wasn' too crowded, but I was glad to come home!
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I had the run with time-able light contractions on Thursday/Friday...but ultimately nothing all weekend long. I walked probably 5 hilly miles on satruday as well because I had nothing else to do and felt great.
You are all my true moon sisters except those of you of whom I am jealous for actually having moon BABIES

I love you all!
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