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So apparently I'm an idiot.

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My allergist is awesome and is a family friend. And when I went to see him yesterday, he said he was sorry to be mean but that I am being stupid and making some really bad choices. He says since my allergy is so severe, I should be taking an antihistamine every day (alavert) as well as zantac twice a day. He says that my philosophy regarding medicine he respects at any other time, but that in this case I'm risking my life. So far I haven't taken any medicine because I'm pregnant and don't want to risk anything hurting the baby. But he says my logic is screwy, cause by not taking stuff I am much much more likely to hurt the baby. He says everytime I am severly short of breath, so is the baby, and every time my heart becomes arrythmic, it affects the baby. And I've been avoiding medicine cause I thought it would be better for the baby. He says he can understand that theory in most cases or cases where it's a case of comfort, but he kept asking me what the affect of death is on the fetus. He says I should have used my epi-pen long before I even consider it. He says I'm waiting dangerously long and that the longer you wait, the higher the chance of it not working. He said if he had known last time I was in his office that I was not taking the situation seriously enough that he would have been mean then too. I think he was just absolutely shocked, and said that I was lucky I hadn't died yet. I guess I really wasn't taking it as seriously as I should, and since I'm past 20 weeks I am more comfortable taking medicine (none are more risky than class b unless you count the epi-pen, but I don't have much of a choice with that one). But I still don't like any of it. I don't want to take the medicine, but I think that he is right, so I will. And I don't like not being able to leave the house without someone with me, I'm already a practical shut in, I don't want more limitations right now. But I'd do anything to protect my baby. I just don't like any of this. Any thought on this from anyone else? I just feel kind of like an idiot for having such a cavalier attitude about it. It's a lot to think about.
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What kind of allergies do you have that are putting your life at risk?
I have a broad spectrum type I and IV natrual rubber and latex allergy. But I don't have to touch it or anything to react. Say I rode in a taxi where someone had a balloon earlier that day, I could easily go into anaphylactic shock and die. I'm allergic to all types of rubber, hard and soft, as well as the rubber tree itself (not that I've ever seen one of those). It's more that there's rubber everywhere, so there's a potential to react everywhere. I have little reactions on a regular basis, but only a few anaphylactic ones in the last six months (like maybe 3 or four).
I have no problems taking loratadine during pg, and I agree with you allergist that you should be taking it daily if it's this bad for you. I think you'll be feeling better about things.

Don't beat yourself up, just go forward from this point. You have, after all, survived thus far.
Yeah, if it's that bad I think you should take the medicine. You aren't stupid though. You were just concerned about the wellbeing of your baby.
Yeh, but it's a hard place to be. I wasn't expecting this pregnancy and had only been dealing with the allergy being that severe for a few months when I got pregnant using protection. So I hadn't studied enough about any of it to really know much. So I just figured I would try to rough it and not take medicine. I wish someone had given me a kick in the butt earlier. Now I just worry that I've done something to hurt my baby. If I did, it was totally out of ignorance, and it was because I was trying to do the right thing. But man, it just makes me feel so bad. Anyone know any sites that will give you a run down on what sort of thing bad allergic reactions can do to your unborn baby?
I'm just kicking myself.
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I did some more digging, and basically it does boil down to this: use the epipen immediately, so that you don't risk lack of oxygen to your baby. The big risk to your child right now is being deprived of oxygen because of your anaphylaxis.

Take care of you, and baby will be just fine.
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wow wolfmeis, you rock. I dug for hours and couldn't find that much. Thanks, that helps a bunch.
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