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So can I wash my newborn dipes now???

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:LOL Can we say, "nesting".

Here's my stash, because we all know that repeated listing of one's stash is part of the process, right?

12 UBCPF Premies
11 (lost one
) Infant prefolds dyed by me

12 Kissaluvs 0s
12 XS Fuzzi Bunz
7 Various WAHM NB size-ish fitteds

2 Bummis SIWW
2 Stacinator wool NB
1 NB BJM soaker
2 NB Bumpy wool, but they look really big...more like small/meds

They are all sitting on my closet shelf STARING at me! :LOL All brand spankin' new and in need of a good washin'. So, is 6 weeks before my scheduled c/s too early to start washing them?

I know, pitiful, right?
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and then the fun part begins you get to fold them and put them away and then take them out rearrange them on the shelves because the CPFs might work better on the right and the fitteds on the left then you have to wash them again because you had to stack the fitteds on the floor while you moved the CPFs and the dog walked by and could have goten hair on them when he shook his whole body while standing in the doorway (he knows he is not allowed in the baby's room) :LOL

I washed my diapers at 3 or 4 times before Jake was born and rearranged them 100 times. But the way I looked at it they were all primed and ready to go. The more you wash them the more absorbant they get.
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well considering in order to increase absorbancy they need to be washed and dried several times, its never too early!
I would wash and dry them until they are absorbant, then run one more wash before the C/S
That way you can pet it lots and practice folding
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Heck no! I kept buying NB stuff even after I miscarried in Oct 04 (I knew I'd be preggo again eventually) and I just wash stuff as it comes. I just throw it in with Noah's dipe laundry.
Personally, I would (and am) only washing one of each of the really tiny dipes just in case they dont fit. For stuff like pre-folds wash away!

I am just not sure how big this baby will be and if she is too big for all the tiny newborn stuff I have I feel like I have a better chance of getting my money back when I sell it if its all brand new, not washed.

But the small stuff I will wash!
I'm six weeks from my due date and have been washing my stash. My CPFs are all fluffy and absorbant, my FB covers and inserts are ready to go, and I'm waiting for a few more proraps in the mail before I wash those. I LOVE organizing them and practicing on my son's dolls. It really takes care of the nesting instict but be careful, it might be the only thing you get done.
I've been wanting to wash mine, too, and I'm not due until September! I've been aquiring a stash here and there to add to what I have already from ds- a dozen pfs here, a pocket diaper there and some wipes...They're all sitting there waiting to be washed. I'm thinking maybe I can start washing the unbleached ipfs now at least, or maybe everything and just wash it all one more time shortly before my due date.
I had the newborn fluff washed and arranged about 6 weeks before ds2's due date. It was all used already so it only needed one wash after I got it out of storage, but I still did it early. Good thing it was all ready to go- ds2 was nearly 11 pounds at birth so he only fit the tiny newborn stuff for like a week. (And some of that I was really having to squeeze him into). By the time we got back home from traveling for Christmas (used sposies on that trip since I had 3 kids in diapers at the time and was only 10 days postpartum when we left!) ds2 was ready to move up into smalls and even some mediums.

Personally, I don't mind buying used fluff that has been just washed but not worn. To me it's the same as being brand new, as long as the seller specifies how they washed it just so I know.
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wash away! this is what I have that is already washed and ready:

7 preemie cpf
18 infant cpf
12 kiss 0's - seconds bought new
7 nb fitteds - bought used - tykies, cuddlebuns, sugarplumbaby
4 xs fb
7 xs vb
a bunch of pul and wool covers

all washed and ready to go
2 yo dd loves to play with them and put them on her animals

I say wash away - unless some of it is hyena or would sell better if you left it unwashed.
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I'm dying to wash mine and I have 10 weeks to go. Dh told me to wait another month. LOL! My boys have been using some of the nb fitteds on their baby doll and threw a couple in the pail yesterday! I was crushed that those would be washed before the others. a little bit wacko?
I can't wait to start washing and arranging my newborn fluff! I've also got 10 more weeks still... I'll probably get it ready about 6 weeks in advance.
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