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i'm 36w3d, and i'm so not ready for this baby. i mean, i have my tub and my chux... i guess i'm ready for the BIRTH, but i have virtually no baby clothes, no car seat, no sling, just a few diapers...

i think i'm in denial about this pregnancy actually producing a real live baby.

(for those who don't know me, i have three living children, then two m/c at about 11 weeks, and now this pregnancy).

i've been patiently waiting for my nesting urge to kick in, but so far, nada.

any words of wisdom out there from mamas who have bt,dt? i know it won't be the end of the world to not have a huge wardrobe in a midwest july... but still, why am i not more excited about meeting this kid?

thanks so much, ladies.

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