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Hi Everyone,

I'm so excited to be joining you. I didn't really find MDC until after DD was born, so this is my first time in a DDC. This baby was conceived in a crazy "failed" clomid cycle. You can read the whole story here. DD started cutting back her nursing sessions from once a day often skipping days in late October. She also started talking regularly about how mommy was going to have another baby soon. It was pretty amazing. Her last nursing session was on Saturday November 15. She told me "My sister is coming" and has said that the new baby will be a little girl. I'm beyond thrilled that she was right about a baby coming soon. I'm expecting that she's right about the girl part too (though DH is hoping for a boy and I had always assumed we'd have a boy second). It looks like I'm due around the 16th of August, but we're really not sure about dates in this crazy cycle, so I'm waiting for an ultrasound determination. This baby will be born very close to DD's 3rd birthday. I've scheduled interviews with 2 local homebirth midwives.

I'm just so


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My oldest daughter was 3 almost 4 when our second was born. We were told that our second was a boy. My daughter kept telling me that it was really a girl. We would laugh and think that was cute but we KNEW it was a boy. Well as you can see our second was a girl. So I really think they do know!
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