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so frustrated with true fit

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I have tried 3 times to install this seat in our 1998 Tahoe. It needs to be RF but when I get it in there and have it at an angle so that the red line is parallel with the ground it is like DS is nearly laying flat looking a the roof of the car. I can't imagine that is correct and there is no way he will sit like that without screaming.
Can someone give me insight on what I'm doing wrong? I did put a rolled towel in at the bottom to get the line parallel and also to be able to reach the adjuster strap.
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How old is your DS? If he has good head control, the seat can be as upright as 35*, versus the 45* required for newborns. I have mine pretty upright, for my 2 year old who rides in it
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my first thought is you have the piece of plastic that goes under the seat flipped the wrong direction? I would have to run out in the rain to check mine...anyone else know which way it goes RF of hand?
For RF it gets flipped to under where the baby's feet go. the red line is just for newborns? Logan will be 1 year on 4/28 and has good head control. I guess I missed that part in the booklet. I will get it back out to read more closely. I know I have the plastic piece facing the right way b/c I thought that was the problem at first.
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