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So glad we have a big and varied stash!

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My daughter has really taken to solids. You all know what that means...she didn't poop all weekend and since Sunday night she's been doing it a whole lot! Her little bottom got so red and she had a couple of small areas that started bleeding

So I started doing exclusively fitteds and wool and it is helping. I am also using lanolin on her bottom and just changing her as soon as I notice she's wet. So I've been going through the diapers like mad!

I am finally able to justify why I have sooo many diapers! I'm hoping to be able to go back to the FBs and PUL AIOs once her rash clears, but for now I'm just hoping my 3 custom BJM soakers show up soon!
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Hope her bum heals quick and stays healed.

I have a similar justification: C still goes through 12-18 diapers/day.
so I need a good sized stash. And I'm still doing laundry every 1.5-2 days.
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Yep, the 2x Tristen has gotten that nasty throw-up, poopin' sick, I've been so glad we use cloth, and that I've got enough for the enormous amount of dipes we ended up going through! Can you imagine changing & throwing away a sposie every hour or less?
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