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So he HATES the mei tai

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I just got a an Ellaroo Mei Tai for the sole purpose of doing a back carry. But my 16 month old hates it. Ive tried everything but when he is in the backcarry he screams like it is the worst torture ever. Should I just accept that he hates it? He's ok with the front carry but not for a long time. Is it possible he'll get used to it?
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Awww you know what? I bought a goregous Freehand silk brocade and was all excited to get it and use it.Well EVERY single time I put my son into it he screams like someone ripped his arms off!
Its sooo pretty and I paid a pretty penny for it and he don't even like it! I was forced to buy a Moby Wrap and now he loves that! Only I don't know how to do back carry in one of those without help.I am just going to keep trying it and hope he likes it eventually.Its hard to say if you should give up.I would keep trying and if you try all the time for 2 months straight and he still don't like it then I would say yeah theres no possiblity he will like it ever.Just keep trying!
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I got a Freehand about a month ago. DD couldn't stand it at first. She would cry and squirm each time I put her in the back carry. Since it was an investment and SO BEAUTIFUL, I have been determined. DD didn't like not being able to move as freely as she did in the sling. So, I folded the waist strap up to allow for a shorter length and made sure dd is in a high back carry to see out, as well as have her arms out the top. SHE LOVES IT
Now we use the mei tai all the time. She still gets a little rammy if we're not moving. I think both of you mamas should just stick to it. Try different positions and something will hopefully work for your dcs. Good luck!!
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My dd hated my MTs at first. I got her used to it by only putting her in to go for walks outside. Then once she got over thinking she didn't like it, the problem went away and I could use it whenever. I would keep trying to get him used to it in scenarios with maximum distraction.
Some reasons why a little one might not like the back carry in a MT . . .

They were hungry, upset, etc. when you put them on.
You didn't move (you must keep moving, must keep moving, LOL).l
You were anxious when you put them on (you know, the straps might be overwhelming) and they picked up on that.
They don't like the restricted view (in that case try a high back carry or simply tying the waist straps higher to get them higher up)
They want more freedom. ( position them higher in the carrier or fold the bottom to make it smaller so they can leave their arms out).

I say put it away for a couple weeks. Then when he his happy one day pull it out put him on, give him a toy and go for a walk. Basically convince him that it is a GOOD thing. He will probably come around!
My 17 mo DS dislike back carries with MT or wrap but tolerates well with a pouch. I'm not happy about it since he's heavy and wiggling a lot. I'm keep on trying what entergently said in PP.
I would definitely keep trying. We love ours and it is a lifesaver. I need to make dh one so he can carry Tevin easier than he does now. Good luck!!
Ds was never a fan of my Kozy. Suddenly, at almost 2, he loves it but in the front only. He seems scared in the back even though he likes to piggyback with no carrier. It took us ALONG time for him to like the Kozy but this week I happily carried him down Lombard Street and all over the Embarcadero on our trip to San Francisco. He even slept in it for an hour!
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