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So here I am....

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joining the ranks of ttc
I was going to wait longer since we just recently m/c and had a d & c, but here we are ttc
Its been trying even though I know I am probably not going to ovulate right away. I am thankful to have the support here, and pray for BFP's and stickdust for us all!!
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It's always nice to have someone to relate to in this phase of life!

Look forward to seeing you (and your posts) around!
Good luck TTC!
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Awww...thanks mama
I'm almost 10dpo---or what should be 10dpo if my chart is right. I am wondering if I could even have ovulated so quickly after my D&C, but who knows
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Originally Posted by Pandora114
welcome aboard
Remember, half the fun is in the trying.
WE are definately having fun! We call it "in training" Hee hee
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