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So here I am

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It's over. We made the decision tonight. I get to be a single mom AGAIN, but this time I get to do it with 4dc instead of just one.

So how the heck is everyone?????
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I'm sorry your marriage is ending. Even if it's the best choice, it's never an easy choice.

Hugs to you and your family.

I'm coming into single parenthood with 2ds's instead of just one. I can't imagine having 4 and having to be a single mama
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We talked last night. It was very civil and easy. Decided to sell the house pay off the bills and split the rest of the money.

I hope it stays this easy.

Thanks for the hugs
I'm sorry mama. I hope things stay easy for you too.
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Yeah, sux that we couldn't be this nice to each other when we were still together.
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