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Okay, this has been my personal experience with my 2 day wash cycle.

Newborns (3 dozen)
12 to 15 diapers a day.
I don't think you can avoid Infant size if you want a great fit - so I say go for 2 dozen 6-ply and 1 dozen 8-ply.
If you secure with snappi or pins, you can get away with 6 covers.
If you do not secure with snappi or pins, but only use wraps, I would go for no less than 9.

5 to about 15 months (2 1/2 to 3 dozen)
It changes during this time, but an average of 7 to 9 changes daily over the course of time.
If you are willing to change more and looking for trimness, make the majority of those Regular 6-ply and keep 8-ply on hand for naps/night time/traveling (long car rides), etc. . .
If you want to work in Fitteds, you'll need less 8-ply.
No more than 6 covers really necessary.

16 to 30 months: (2 dozen)
Really an average of about 6 to 7 diaper changes a day.
I would use all Premium at this point - unless you are tri-folding into wraps. If doing that and not securing with pins or a snappi, you may prefer the 6-ply and hold on to 8-ply for nights only.
**The advantage being that you probably already have what you need from the 5 to 15 month stage.
No more than 6 covers are really necessary.

So, break it down
Infant 6-ply: 2 dozen
Infant 8-ply: 1 dozen
Regular 6-ply: 2 dozen
Premium 8-ply: 1 dozen

Hold off on Toddler Sizes, because many never need them.
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