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My son is having a 24 hour ambulatory EEG today. They attached a bunch of electrodes to his head, wrapped it up, attached a pack to his back (I actually rigged up a belt to hold it and its working much better) and then there is a 2 ft cord that is attached to another pack (too heavy for him) that I need to carry. So I am attached to my active 2.5yo til 10am tomorrow. Ugh!

Just got him down for a nap, so I have a little while to rest up until the afternoon. I always thought I was pretty attached to him as it was (always in the same room etc) but not being able to run to the kitchen for a drink, grab a snack, etc while he is playing is tough!

So since he has already had 2 Dora's (his favorite show) do any of you mommas have any ideas on what we can do this afternoon and tomorrow morning - attached together - without relying on too much TV (of which he will bore of quickly anyway)? I need fun creative stuff, since we have already tired of simple coloring.

I have some finger paints I have been saving for a rainy day, but I worry about how messy that is, since I cant give him a bath til tomorrow. I am also thinking we can go on a walk this evening. Help!

Jenn & Ben 2.5
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