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so, i bought some tto.... now what?

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What do I do with TTO again? I seem to remember people putting a few drops on a wipe and putting it in the diaper pail. What does it do?
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Lots of people use it in their wipe solution. It's an anti-fungal, so you would use it anywhere you wanted to help with bad odors/bacteria growth.
I use some in the last rinse of my wash. It takes some of the last smell away and it supposed to kill any surviving bacteria.
I use it in my wipe solution so that they do not mildew since I like to mix it up and stuff them all in. I have enough for about a week, so they would get yucky without it.

I also use it in the next to last rinse and it keeps diaper rash away!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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