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SO, I got my Sz. 2 Sugar Peas today...

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They are very absorbent (happy about that) and they actually do fit him well, proportionally - but these things are huge! He is on the smallest setting (without crossing them over) with the top folded down and they are still big on him! Now, Cole is no small baby - this is a kid who is about 33" tall and about 26 lbs. at 11 months. I wonder if these are ever really going to fit him. Do you all find that the sz. 2s are very big?
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I've never seen/tried a size 2, but the size ones I bought last summer shrank noticibly the first couple times they were washed.
Ds is 26 months and around 29 lbs and still uses one of the crossover snaps with the fromt folded down. I love em though. They are my favorites.
They are quite roomy. My DS has a high rise, so we don't fold them down, but he's about 29 lbs and I use the next tightest snap setting.

I love, though, that you can get a good fit with room to grow without being too bulky.

That is true - they are not bulky, and they looked so cute on him!
I was really impressed with the absorbency, too.

Next time I put one on him I will try the crossover setting because it was definitely too big around his waist. These days I am lucky to get the diaper on at all, let alone experiment with the best way it will fit, lol.
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Wow mine must have shrunk a bit! Max is 24 lbs and I use them on the smallest setting without crossing over on the bottom row and do the fold down. I have been using them on him since he was 7 months (now 10 mos) and have never been able to do the cross over.

They are my most FAVORITE -- I am weeding out everything else and going pure SPs!
My son wore the size 1's until he was about 23 months old, and he grew out of the rise long before he grew out of the waist (they were such a cute bikini style, too, especially in the prints).

I sold the one size 2 I had immediately, because I didn't think it would ever fit him properly. The proportions just seemed off for his particularly body build, like it was baggy in the butt and had all this extra loose stuff around the hips, but technically fit in the waist and legs. I hated the fit of the size 2's.

the size two's i had fit shelby on the tightest snaps at @7-8 mos and almost 20 lbs...she's quite chunky though...they do shrink quite a bit imo after the first few washes. i'd much rather it be too big than too small though right? at least he can grow into it, unless you "need" diapers, but that's hardly the case w/ most of us here <G>
I just got my size#2's as well. I originally purchased them for 3 month old dd but guess who has them now - 31 lb. big bro chunker. They're huge - even he has plenty of room. They're so soft and fluffy
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