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so if fermented foods are good for you...

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wine is a fermented food, right? Does that mean wine is good for you? Like good for your gut in the same way that yogurt and sauerkraut etc are supposed to be?
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Not in my opinion, but I don't drink any alcohol. I think the lacto fermenting produces very little (if any?) alcohol.
In some ways, sure. Wines do have sulfites, which aren't good. But organic wines, local wines, esp red, have some helpful properties when taken in moderate amounts. Wine can also aid in digestion and enhance some foods. Wine has a long and acient history of being revered. We've made alcohol bad by abusing it. But wine, in small amounts, without the chemicals, is a nice thing. imo.
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You can get the benefits from red wine just from drinking grape juice without the alcoholic negatives. I'm a teetotaler personally.
I just can't see a grape juice with a lovely dinner.

here's kind of an fun & interesting site for wine-enjoyers.

oops fixed url
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Yeah that!

I think the benefits of red wine offer a great excuse for a small glass with dinner, theres no harm in that ...grape juice would be good as a snack, but with dinner
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But isn't the question of the OP about if wine would offer any probiotic benefit? (LOL, I see I didn't answer that either)

Wine with a lovely dinner would offer emotional and social benefit, but I think the negatives of alcohol would outweigh the health benefits of the grapes and any probiotic benefit. That's all I was trying to get at, no offense meant to the wine-drinkers.

There is actually quite a bit of research showing the health bennies of wine, esp red. Longer life, enhanced digestion etc. There are lots of links out there. try a google search on 'health benefits of wine'.

Now that it seems I am a lush...I'll sign off.
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I think the alcohol in the wine has something to do with the health benefits. I've never heard of grape juice lowering blood pressure. But alcohol does. Alcohol with a meal can also lower your chances of food poisoning

A quick search yielded this site:

Another study zeroed in on polyphenols such as catechin, quercetin, resveratrol and others which are found in red wine, but not white. The reason they are found in red wines but not white is that these substances are natural components of grape skins. Since red wines are fermented on the skins while white wines are not, it is the fermentation of the skins that seems critical to health promotion. This contention is supported by a study conducted by researchers from Portugal, Switzerland, Finland and Denmark. An extract from red-wine fermentation called ANOX (a trademark of IME, Switzerland) has been developed as a source of red-wine polyphenols. This extract has a significantly greater effect than either red wine or red wine powder on the inhibition of platelet aggregation in vitro and has several health promotion benefits.
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The health benefits of wine come from the antioxidants and bioflavenoids in grapes and grape seeds. A Google search on "grape juice wine benefits" yielded that purple grape juice beats red wine for these compounds and that you'd need to drink enough red wine and alcohol to get legally drunk in order to obtain the same benefits because while alcohol at high levels can inhibit blood clotting, it also seems to accelerate deterioration of the antioxidants.

Links for more info:
What about the polyphenols? Are those in grape juice?
I guess one can find pros and cons for anything.
i dont think alcohol in small amounts is at all bad for you. and wine can definitely be good for you, but not pro-biotically. all the bacteria dies by the time thw ine is done, they kind of choke to death on their own waste, kwim?

Originally Posted by kavamamakava
What about the polyphenols? Are those in grape juice?
Yes. And they appear to be more potent than those found in red wine.

When compared with dealcoholized wine and normalized to polyphenol dose, red wine's beneficial effects can be attributed entirely to the polyphenols. Grape juice had a significant benefit at a much lower dose of polyphenols than the wines. Grape juice was calculated to be much more effective than red wine or dealcoholized red wine at the same polyphenol dose in inhibiting atherosclerosis and improving lipids and antioxidant parameters.
Blecch. I hate grape juice. But don't much like wine either.
Don't worry kavamamakava, I think you can get the benefits from other plant foods that are high in antioxidants like blueberries or green tea. I'm not a fan of grape juice (or wine) either. :LOL
And it's blueberry season, even. I got some wonderful blueberries the other day.
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