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So I'm not using a pail liner....

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I think it was Tabitha that said she doesn't use a pail liner and tosses her dipes directly into the pail, then just rinses out the pail on laundry day.

So I've been doing that the past couple days since I only have 1 pail liner that is always in the wash...

It seems to work just fine! Do you think there is any problem with not using a pail liner?

It also gives me an excuse to use my mini-shower more often... I rinse the pail out with it.
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No problem at all! I've NEVER used a pail liner before~I really don't see the need & maybe that's b/c my diaper pail is right next to my washer
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I dont use one either -- I got a really cute Happy Tushies one from the TP and tried it for a while but felt like I was just adding more to the wash than was necessary so I stopped using it. I dont put poopy dipes in there though, just wet.
I hate lugging my heavy pail around the house (allllll the way across teh house) so we switched to a liner.

Plus, I felt like the stinkies escaped too quickly from a pail!
I use one of those chrome pails with the foot pedal. So it has a plastic pail as a liner anyway. And I find it just as easy not to use a liner. A quick spray of bathroom cleaner and it is good to go. I have found that keeping my lid propped up is smell free, but a closed lid, watch out. Same principle as my Bummis bag that I used while on vacation. Yucky!
I lose my pail liners like I do that bad or what? Must be all the laundry I'm doing! LOL

But I do go without a pail liner many a-ti,es and the days go well! I just spray with an organic cleaner and air it out for an hour or two outside and it's a-ok!
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When I get lazy I don't use a pail liner - and if it gets stinky, even after rinsing, putting the pail out in the sun to air out really does the trick!
i dont use one, never have, and we havent had a problem, i think a pail full of dirty diapers with or without a liner is going to smell anyhow
we just wash out every time we do a wash
I never use one. I just rinse the pail too
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I never use one either...just rinse it out when I empty it!
I've never used one. We have two diaper pails, and so I use one, and then when I unload it into the laundry, I let it air out, and start using the other pail (which is sitting by the washer airing out from its last turn). So we alternate back and forth, so that one pail is always sitting open to air out while the other is used. No stinkies yet.

I've never used a pail liner either. I would use it once, wash it and then forget to put it back on and that would be it. So it's better I not know if it will work.
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