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My 4 yr old and I had an appointment with the Senior Social Worker at the Marcus Institute today. He says "it appears that your son has AD/HD"

The walked us to the Behavioral Development (I think) center (in the building) to give us a referral for the Child Psychologist. That appt. is in three weeks.

He also has an appointment with the Developmental Ped/ Pediatric Neurologist in October, which I had before today and was told to keep.

Is this a diagnosis or what?
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I wouldn't call it that just yet. She said "it appears", not "he has it". My dd's psychologist said that about her, but did not make it official and later she said she didn't have it after all. She just appeared to have it sometimes but it was her choice with the behavior. She did end up having sensory issues though. And being "gifted."
Its just a best guess. After listening to you and seeing your child...
also if its medical a social worker (here) can't dx medical issues only identify behaviors. Keep gathering thoughts and I think the neuro will tell you the more accurate dx...

and even if they think its most likely adhd it doesn't mean thats what it will be especially if there's no response to meds..

And if it *is* adhd I won't be going to meds. I already made that "clear. It will be a last resort kinda thing.
seek out behavioral therapy my dd did a programme that was 3 months long through her school every day at the psych hospital with
most of the boys there were adhd it was amazing to see what nondrug supports did for them all, many went back to school with no special supports or drugs.
That is my plan.

I'm really only hoping for a 25% improvement over where he is on his bad days. The Institute boasts a 90-100% improvement, so I think my 25% is atainable. Plus, I don't think I'd know him anymore with out his "quirks"
100% that would be a different person!

Actually our dd I'd say is 90% improved, still some residual stuff.
But nothing where we used to live that's for sure!
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