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So, just how many soakers can you make on bedrest?

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Yup, I'm officially oon bedrest now. Had a scary trip to L&D on Thursday. I'm almost 25 weeks,a nd 70% effaced already
I had preterm with Ethan too, starting at 27 weeks, and did the whole hospitalization/mag sulfate route. He held out till 34 weeks though, so I'm hopefully that this kiddo will too
I'll be 30 weeks at Thanksgiving, so that's my first goal to hit. Christmas would be great, but just hitting December will make me very happy!!

So, since I've got nothing better to do now than knit, DH has decided he's taking bets on how many pairs of longies and soakers I'll make for this guy, LOL. I'm thinking at least 5 pairs of longies (and since he'll probably be born before Christmas at this point, I'm gonna do a really cute green and red striped pair, kinda like elf stockings, with feet) and probably 4 soakers, since I've still got quite a few from the boys. **edited at mod's request**
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Wow-your story sounds familar to my pg with Xiney. So sorry to is hard work being on bedrest.

I am betting you can knock out far more than 5 longies and 4 soakers though!!! I made Xiney a gorgoues nordic sweater on No.2s when I was on bedrest (but had to wait until she was born to cut it open
) Maybe you can expand the pattern line?

prayers with you...
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Ugh, been there done that, sending lots of prayers your way. I made dd a couple blankets while on bedrest with her.

I'd be betting on quite a few more than just 5 longies. Don't forget to make a hat to go with the green and red pair, that would look very cute.
Theresa, I hope everything goes well. My sister was on bedrest and crocheted a several blankets and afghans- but she almost had to be induced after her preterm labor stopped at 38 weeks and the baby suddenly didn't want to come out (but he came out fine). Those elf pants sound adorable.

Let's see- if you did one a week, that's 10 weeks until Christmas.. that baby will be set on soakers!
Man Theresa, I didn't know! I will be thinking about you! You take it WAY easy, mama! Get to knittin!
hope you are feeling better!!!! just think how lucky your baby will be - a full wool wardrobe from day one!
Take it easy Theresa. I hope you have lots of help and support.
On a lighter note, I finally finished my first LTK soaker - thanks for all the pattern support!

TAke care,
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Hoping that your little one stays put for awhile longer.

Hang in there, Theresa!
Theresa! I am so sorry to hear this. At least you have a great bedrest hobby! Hoping for you a peaceful time of it, and the awesome birth that you desire.


wow must have been some bad vibes in the air. I went into preterm labor on Weds. and am on bedrest too. I'm 23 weeks. Maybe we can be buddies. Sorry to hear about it. I was on light bedrest with dd off and on but not with the nasty drugs and total bedrest I get to do this time. And trying to take care of a spunky toddler on top of that!!


You poor thing!! I was on bed rest with my twins too. I crocheted a blanket for one , and my MIL did the other one, and I crocheted them tiny sweaters, hats and booties. I bet you'll get a lot of stuff done up. How are you handling that with a nother child? I would go crazy. I got depressed when I was on bed rest. and the Dr said, do not walk up and down stairs either. HMM, scince I live ON THE TOP FLOOR OF OUR APARTMENT COMPLEX!!! LOL Good luck mamma!!
Best wishes to you, Theresa.

Elf pants/soaker will be precious.
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Stay in there, baby. You have to give your mama a chance to knit all those soakers and longies.

I hope everything goes well, Theresa. Rest up!
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I'm bummed for you, but it sounds like you have a great attitude and are making the best of it!

I can't wait to see a photo of your little Christmas baby in those pants!
I'm sorry you're on bedrest. I know it sucks
You should make a little santa type hat in green and red stripes to match the longies
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I'm sorry to hear that but at least you can get a little rest! I bet your kids are keeping you hopping lately.

So while you are there you can work on a large one for dd
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Mama!!!! baby ... you stay in there til your mommy gets to stuff herself full with turkey
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Here's hoping you have the chance to make many, many more longies and soakers than your baby needs, and that he stays put as long as possible.

I know how much of a drag bedrest is, and I wish for you that it is as painless as possible.

I wonder if you can make the red and green ones have upturned, pointy toes like elf shoes? That would be REALLY cute. Tell the little bun in the oven to keep on baking! GL
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Oh no!!! I hope you and baby are A-OK! I really hope baby decides to cook during and beyond the holidays, too. Can I tell you that I've never been so selfishly um, not happy, but um, not excited, well, I don't know how to say that I hope the lemonaide you're making out of this batch of lemons comes in size XL with an extra long rise and can fit a 29 lb and 39" tall toddler?!!

Hang in there, mama!
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