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So many wahms selling their businesses! which one do you want?

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I'm just shocked at how many wahms are selling right now. I just saw that is looking for a buyer. I know is too as well as Are there others as well?? I just wanted to say that all three of these would make an excellent investment if anyone here is looking to become a wahm. I know it can seem like a lot of money up front, but the amount of work and expense that goes into building a business to the point they are at is just HUGE and you'd do well to buy one before trying to start your own.

But, for those of us not actually looking to buy one.. which one would you buy and why if you can indulge your fantasy and actually do it??

I'd buy chumbas because I regret not buying it back when it sold the first time. The super trim pattern alone is awsome and the website is SO cute now. I also think the PUL sandwhich is really great because it's a wonderful twist on the "pocket" design that it seems like EVERYONE else is making. I hear there's no unstuffing.. the soaker just falls right out the side in the wash.. how lovely would that be?

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Good points Amber--I'd say Chumbas would be a good investment, as well. Unfortunatly I can't sew.
I've been looking for over 6 months to buy a supertrim product from there.
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I would buy Knickernappies cuz that is my favorite pocket dipe. They fit my dd so well as she has a teeny waist. I love the fabrics Aherne uses too.
Chumbas, I have been wanting to try one of those dipes forever. I don't know if my sewing skills would be up to WAHM standards. Plus we have no money. But I can dream.
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If my sewing was better I would be really interested in buying Chumbas. I remember when I first starting reading the diapering boards I heard SO much about Chumbas and was dying to get one.
I would buy Knickernappies...Aherne is such a sweet person, and we love*love*love her stuff...Dh thinks I actually run a "Knickernappie Retirement Ranch".
She's got good ideas, and such beautiful pul prints. Her design is unique for us too, and I credit her pockets with us not giving up on cloth this go around. I will miss her sewing my custom Disposanots ever so much. I hope that the momma who does purchase her biz, gives it the love and attention it deserves. I have never tried the other products, so I cannot comment on them.
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I'd go for Chumbas!
They were my absolute fav AIO...I had a few dozen at one point.
Edie was wonderful to work with and made me several custom dipes.
Now...if I could only sew! LOL!
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