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So many wahms so little time...How do you decide?

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How do you decide what makes a good wahm diaper?

I'd love to try some before ds is out of diapers, but have no idea why I seem to like some and not others, it's hard to tell just by pics alone.

How do you decide to buy a wahm diaper, what are the requirements?
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I come here to hear feedback about different wahm. I also buy the second hand diapers in EC to find out what I like and what fits. I would say 99% of my diapers are well made by wahm but not all diapers fit each baby well. I love supporting wahm.
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look, fabric, absorbency, feedback, and my personal needs and preference
I always look to see if they have a picture of their diapers on kiddos (like in a gallery or something). It makes it easier to see the fit on differnet babies. kwim? I also go for fabric, absorbancy and what I am in need of. I'm not all that concerned about feedback (unless its carpy) because what may not work for another mama/baby may work for me/my baby. So I at least try everything.
I too love supporting WAHM's and will till the day I die
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Originally Posted by ChristinaB
I too love supporting WAHM's and will till the day I die

Mental note to self: start making diapers in Christinas size in about 60 years.
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A huge part of it is reputation and word of mouth. Location is also a big plus. I love to find someone that in on the west cost.

My friend tried sugarbums and loved them. she showed them to me and i fell in love. so i ended up vuying several. word of mouth and friend's recommendation is a big part.

if you know someone near by that CDs, going to their house and holding and feeling them helps too, LOL

Originally Posted by Aherne
Mental note to self: start making diapers in Christinas size in about 60 years.

You know what I meant
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Checking feedback here and at diaperpin, asking people I know that have used it, and watching what other's with chubby thighed lil ones are using lol. Design also, I've passed on alot of aplix dipes because they way they were made would rub on baby's belly, and I just prefer snaps. Price isn't too much of an issue, I can't always afford my favorites new but I can usually find them used in great shape.
The pricey ones are nice to aspire to and to treat yourself every now and then!! That's what I do.
Well I'd have to say I just follow links that someone mentions in here. One or two WAHM's have just happened to have a photo of something on their front page or whatever that's grabbed my attention and the rest, as they say, is history. I mosied into Crystals Cloth to have a stickybeak and she had a picture of those pastel sorbet hemp fitteds there and I was a goner. I bought two Lucy's Hope Chest AIO's from the TP here and loved them and have bought stacks more from Becky since (just in the last 5 mins actually, hehehe). I developed temporary madness and actually got involved in the Fluffymail frenzy and scored a few things and adored them but they're too hard to get so I dont even visit the site anymore. I got my Crystal's Cloth order today and its beyond beautiful, I'll pretty much stick to those two for my purchases from now on. They work for me, and really, even though every WAHM has her individual features for diapers, there's no need to go trying everything. I was happy with a stash of ONLY happy heinys for an entire year, till my little girl started growing into a toddler and her needs changed.

Other things that get real raves, the real hyena items, I dont even look at. I've got no interest in stalking a site just to get one of something. If I like it, I want to buy 20 kwim? I dont like having this diaper for this occasion, that one for that occasion. So even though I may love the product, I never even bother to find out.

Did I answer the question? I guess really, unless something really tempts me, I stick to what I already know.
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Read a lot of reviews...As many as you can. I always ask before I buy--someone will know if it is a good idea or not
I found I like side snapping fleece covers and mostly sherpa and some hemp side snapping fitteds. I also found I like front aplix fleece covers or ones with snap in soakers for night diaper changes with ease. I like snaps
snap in soakers, side snaps. Front snaps do not work for us. Then I search for what I want
I love appliques on fleec bums so I am always out for custom spots for those as well. I can knit so that was easy for me
So I would suggest asking a lot. It seems to work the best. Oh and check out materials. I have ordered fleece diapers with a lot lower quality fleece than I would have liked because I did not research em and I was willing to compromise on price. That said CS is usually top notch and I have never had a serious problem with any of my WAHM products. I far prefer them. And I like the relationship I have with my fave diaper makers--the are VERY nice to me.

I hope you find some you like. I know once I did I was VERY, VERY happy.
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Feedback & cute prints. I try one & if they are good I can buy more.
I lurk here. Alot
I like to window shop too and reading reviews and ...maybe I spend too much time thinking about them and not enough time buying them :LOL
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I read reviews and feedback and then just buy and try!
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