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This is just a goofy kid post...nothing really vital!

I've been making some new dolls lately, and my little DS has been thrilled...he's my official doll-tester-outer. But he's gotten awfully picky: This one needs eyes--TWO eyes, that one needs arms and legs, this one needs a hat, that one needs a head. WHATEVER! ;P Gone are the days when his favorite stage was the stump doll---bald, faceless torso with a head. But he still likes to play with just the heads even and recognizes that shape as a baby. I was expirimenting with a mini-dollhouse size one (I can't figure out the body!!) and he had a blast with the tiny little head...but thinks it needs arms and legs. TWO arms. Gotta love two year olds!

Every now and then he finds a new doll that he really likes. Sunday he disappeared with a little pink velour one and called me to come in his room. He'd buried the little doll under every blanket he could find in his closet. And was sitting next to it like a proud little daddy telling me that baby is sleeping! Then a bit later he came wandering out with the little doll and his favorite book lately--the Holztiger catalog we got with some German goodies a while back. It's his "animal book". He told me he'd been reading with the baby on his lap. I love that my baby loves dolls. :-D It's not an every day thing, but every now and then he gets on a nurturing kick and takes care of everything. It also wasn't an instant thing. Last summer - closer to 18 months old, he just wasn't that into the big ones. Though the little squishy ones were fun. He was closer to 24 months before he really started to play with his big doll much.

ps...FWIW, I've figured out a work-around for the thin-velour issue being discussed a couple months ago. I lined the velour. I have some white t-shirt material that I used. Works beautifully and the babies end up a little extra plump which is a lovely side-effect! I haven't been doing it for every color, but I may start since it's no extra work really and I like the end-result so much. Even the thickest velour still sometimes sheds a bit, so this would end that.
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