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So much for feeling fine....

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The last few days have been dreadful! I never had any MS with my first two but the last few days....WHAM! it hit me really hard. And the anemia has kicked into full gear too, even with my starting iron as soon as I found out...still not good...feel like I'm walking through mud all the time...and I can't get anywhere...
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It sucks. I'm sorry it started for, may pass soon!!!
ahh, I feel for you, even tho' mine is probably not as bad. I thought maybe I was getting better as I had a few pretty good days these last 2 weeks, but this weekend...ugh. Because of the puking I even busted capillaries in my face, giving me red spots. Wonderful addition to the acne that's been coming out on the face (and body!).

Hope things pick up for you ... and me... and all of us!
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I know exactly how you feel... I wasn't experiencing any m/s but the last couple of mornings, I haven't felt so great... today was the worst so far, I'm sure it's going to get worse before it gets better. Hope your m/s goes away soon. And when it does, take mine with it.
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