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So much pain since dental work

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I went to a new dentist 3 weeks ago, after 4 years since my last dental visit. I had absolutely no pain at the time, but several visible cavities. I had to have 25 fillings, and we did them all in three days because my insurance was running out. This was two weeks ago and my mouth has been in pain ever since. Sometimes only my two top back molars hurt, other times it is my whole mouth. It seems to be worse when I have hot or cold and gets so bad by the end of the day that I have to take ibuprofen to eat dinner.

I told the dentist that one tooth was hurting.sensitive when I went back for my third day and he said that the nerve might calm down or it might need to be pulled. I'd like to keep it if I can. I'm wary of going back to this dentist. He was very rough on my gums (at one point I felt him drilling into my gum despite novacaine - then he said it was impossible for him to shape the tooth he was working on and gave up on it. If I touch that tooth back there (which I made him fill with composite and it bugged him that I wouldn't have anymore amalgam put in my mouth) it hurts and it does not feel tooth shaped.). I thought maybe my gums just needed to heal, but now I know there is nerve-related pain since it is worse with hot/cold/touch.

I'm considering traveling to my home town and seeing my old dentist because I trust his opinion. I'll have to pay for it and any work I need out of pocket at this point.

I can't find threads in the archives that tell me whether this could be a normal reaction to having so much work done and a normal variation in quality of work or if I need to seek help right away. Any advice/leads/information is appreciated!
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I've had lots of fillings done closely together, and it always feels sensitive for about 2 weeks. If it throbs, it's wrong; throbbing means infection. Anything else should heal. But consider, if your dentist really drilled into the gums
it's no wonder that it still hurts. The ligaments on your teeth also stretch during dental work, which may cause some sensitivity.

I can't judge how badly it hurts, of course, but if you can handle it I'd wait another week or so tosee if it gets better, except if it throbs. And NEVER go to that dentist again!
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