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So, my thought was "never wake a sleeping baby"

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but then I end up with this - a wide-awake guy on my lap after midnight.

There's a question at the end if you get that far!

He had a really wacky day for a few reasons.

1. It is Saturday. He is usually home with dad during the week, but on weekends I am with him, too, so whatever daily rhythm the two of them have I completely mess up.

2. A friend came over to play with him so I could finish writing a paper that so desperately needs to get done. He gets so excited when people come over and forgets to eat and sleep! He played straight through his nap time. He did have a brief nap before she came over, but he woke up early.

3. He fell asleep at 5:00 after I nursed him.

So that became my dilemma. He usually goes to bed sometime after 9:00. He usually has an hour or so morning nap and a ~3 hour afternoon nap. Today he just had that 30 minute afternoon nap. So when he fell asleep at 5:00, I just let him sleep. I debated waking him around 7:00 so he could play for a while before going to sleep for the night, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Well, he woke up at 11:30. And here we are now!

So, would you wake a sleeping baby if you knew it was going to mess up their nighttime sleep?
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I would! Dd will sometimes be sleepy/grouchy at 5 if she's missed an afternoon nap, but I either get her to power through it (and deal with the grouchiness) so she'll sleep early, or let her have a 1 hour nap instead, so she can become tired again at a reasonable time.

However, that said, it doesn't always work.
Sometimes she'll wake up earlier or in the middle of the night because she went to bed so early.
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I have done both....usually I regret waking DD up though b/c then she is in a nasty mood...I'd rather deal with a content child even if it is in the middle of the night....
Sometimes when dd falls asleep earlier than usual, I'll be not 'too' quiet as I go about my work and she'll wake up gradually. I've had many nights that she falls asleep at 9 or so and we think she's down for the night, only to find her awake at 10:30 - ready to go! After a little bit though, I can usually nurse her to sleep. Generally, in the late evening, I think I'd rouse her after she had a good rest so that she can be awake a little more before calling it a night.

If my dd sleeps all day, she gets extremely cranky in the evening. She won't nurse right, can't be soothed, etc. She iwll still sleep all day sometimes though, particularly if *I* am being lazy and just sitting around. I am always so torn because on the one hand, it is a chance for me to catch up on my 'me' time, so I don't want to wake her. On the other hand, I know how she is at night if she sleeps all day. For me, whether I wake her or not depends on how much I feel I actually NEED that 'me' time. And how patient I am feeling about being willing to put up with the crankiness later on. It goes either way.
Thanks for the responses. I think next time I will wake him. And if that creates a problem, then if it happens again I'll let him sleep again. It wasn't awful last night, but I didn't get near as much sleep as I usually do!

He fell asleep at 5 pm and awoke at 11:30. I nursed him, but he was still wide awake at 12:30. I lay down with him and snuggled up with my arm around him. He squirmed quite a bit and didn't settle down until sometime after 1 a.m. He was awake again at 4:30 a.m. I changed his diaper and nursed him. He was upset for a bit. I held him on my chest. He again was restless, but he actually seemed to be "trying" to fall asleep (sucking his thumb, rubbing his head - his soothing actions). He did manage to fall asleep and woke up again at 7:00 am VERY happy and ready to play. I was happy and ready to play, too!!! So, all in all, we got some sleep. He especially got a lot if you count that long evening "nap". Usually he sleeps straight through the night, but I guess I can't complain too much about last night.

I just hate it when I'm in a situation and I don't know what to do. My friend was suggesting waking him up and I just didn't want to. I just didn't know what was the best option for ds.
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I don't wake DS up ever. I have tried it a few times when I knew a late nap was going to throw him off for sleeping that night, but I regretted it every time. I agree with the PP that I'd rather deal with an awake but content baby at midnight, than a baby I woke up in the late afternoon who is then utterly miserable for the next few hours until bedtime. I'm sure it depends somewhat on the child, but my son does not do well at all with me trying to "adjust" his sleeping.
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