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I mentioned in another thread that I'm a total sucker for novelty yarns. A local yarn shop has a big "dollar basket" - they toss stuff in that isn't selling, or that they're phasing out to make room for other stuff. I have found some amazing stuff in that basket, but I don't know what to do with any of it! I also find the occasional too-good-to-pass-up yarn bargain at Ocean State Job Lots. I just HAD to have:<br><br>
Two balls of Linie 15 cotton blend "tape" yarn in coordinating blue tones<br><br>
an unlabeled skein of supersoft, pale green babyweight yarn with soft little nubs at reguialr intervals<br><br>
2 skeins of Moda Dea "Cheri" in pumpkin orange and black/white<br><br>
a skein of deep orange/red Moda Dea "Tutu"<br><br>
2 skeins of Red Heart "Rag Doll" wool blend in pink/orange/green multi<br><br>
a bunch of LB "Fun Fur" (medium pink, brown/gold, and aqua multi) that came in a bargain bag with some other yarns<br><br>
and the aforementioned 2 skeins of Anny Blatt "Delhi" in Nuit<br><br>
Ideas? Any novelty yarn addicts like myself out there?????
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